Virtual Studio: Path-breaking Solutions to Deliver AV Content of Highest Quality

CIOReview Team

With the omnipresence of digital devices, a huge amount of media consumption across the globe is increasingly happening in digital formats. The increased availability of high speed internet connectivity has extended customers with the option to access and share the digital media of choice; be it information, entertainment or social activity anytime, anywhere.  Additionally, engaging viewers and making them interact with the website via video content will assist in making any social media campaign a success. Digital content providers act as a catalyst in the growth of audio/video data streaming. More and more businesses are looking for vendors with the ability to create content quickly, cost effectively and of high quality. Secondly, vendors should be able to repurpose and deliver personalized content across devices and platforms while ensuring optimal user experience. Venkatesh Sharma and Sangeeta Sharma, Co-founders, Virtual Studio (P) Ltd. located in Noida, strategically built a strong management team that facilitates enterprise clients with end to end solutions for content creation, optimization, delivery and monetization of content. With their deep and rich understanding of broadcast and internet technologies and workflows, the company has perfectly aligned themselves to enable organizations deliver high quality video content at lower / any bit rate across various platforms and devices. Additionally, Virtual Studio plays a pivotal role at helping customers provide relevant analytics to help them target both content and advertisements, irrespective of the delivery channel, helping deliver contextually relevant content and add experience in all devices.

Playing a Pivotal Role in Making a Positive Impact on Targeted Audience

Virtual Studio is amongst India’s pioneering techno-creative and future aligned, media communication companies. With an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the company delivers complete services and solutions across the four verticals that are  a) Live Streaming, Webcasting & CDN Services;  b) Enterprise Solutions for Meetings, Learning & Webinars;  c) A/V Transcoding, Film & Studio Services and  d) eBusiness& Web Portals. These services are extended to enterprises whether it is to inform, engage, educate or entertain or collaborate with a certain target audience. In conjunction with making a positive impact on a targeted audience, Visual Studio’s unique and innovative social amplification service, guarantees millions of targeted views; maximizing the reach by streaming their event LIVE on relevant high-traffic websites and portals powered by with integration of marketing tools that can be used to generate leads, run contests, promos and more. The team has state of the art in-house digital broadcast green screen studio for custom audio-video (A/V) content creation & design. The company boasts of an in-depth understanding of the codecs and streaming technologies that assists them at repurposing audio-video content for delivering on
any device.

Robust Learner Management System

Equipping the forward looking enterprises to ride this growth wave, Virtual Studio have deployed many comprehensive eLearning solutions for rapid training and mobile learning, enabling rapid deployment of trainings, accessible from anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device by leveraging industry leading content authoring tools, rich learner registering capabilities, and powerful learner management and tracking tools.

Virtual Studio envisions a digital future where emerging technologies like live and on demand VR streams will gain a lot of traction. Personalized content would be delivered in HD and beyond, across channels; and teams would be working across geographies to share content via client owned Portals, as well as on Virtual Studio’s marketplace model, existing and future portals, such as & Amidst all this, the company proclaims that their coverage encompasses today's and tomorrow’s network video presentation, compression and transmission technologies and future online internet based video editing and storage capabilities. In totality, Virtual Studio has geared themselves to adopt, adapt and rise above the growth wave and strive to be a frontrunner in providing interactive rich media solutions to customers in the digital space.